District 7950 Youth Exchange Officer Check list

Outbound students

The youth exchange officer is responsible for promoting the exchange program locally and recruiting students who want to engage in long and short term exchanges.

In September hold an informational session explaining the program and inviting eligible students to apply.  We are looking for above-average students who are outgoing and resilient who would want to have an adventure, while being good youth ambassadors for the United States.

Have them complete an initial application with basic information, including signatures from both parents.  Hold an in-person interview of the candidate.  Notify District Youth Exchange committee of candidates selected for sponsorship by the club, and have them complete the full application found on the ESSEX website (www.exchangestudent.org).

The district committee will interview candidates in late November or early December. 

Follow up with your student as they go through the orientation process and prepare to leave.

Inbound students

Rotary YEOs need to arrange for host families and schooling for our inbound students before they can get a J-1 visa.  This can take up to six weeks, so this should be done by the end of May.

Every adult (age 18+) needs to have a Criminal Background Check before they can review any material related to the student.

The Youth Exchange officer and counselor need to have passed the Department of State Local Coordinator training.  

  1. Arrange for host families

Start with your outbound student’s family.  There is no requirement that they host, but you can tell them that unless we line up three host families for the inbound student the club will not be able to sponsor their child.

You can publish an article in the local media, but you cannot mention anything about the inbound student except their age, gender, and the country they are from.

Make an appointment to visit with the host family in their home.  Bring a camera and get pictures of the outside of the house, the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and student’s bedroom.  The student must have a bed and a place to study.

Complete these forms

a)     Host Family Interview Form

            b)      Host Family Application

c)       All adults aged 18+ must complete the Student Protection Waiver

d)      Get three references (References cannot be from a relative, and only one can be from a current or former Rotarian)

        Host Family Reference Form

e)       The District will conduct Host Family Orientation in the summer before the student comes, generally on the last Saturday in July. 
    If the family cannot attend the orientation, provide the orientation materials and complete the  Host Family Orientation Acknowledgement

f)        Make your first entries on the host family tracking form

Send the references and the Student Protection Waiver to the District Compliance Officer or District Chair.  They will forward them to the Youth Protection Officer or ESSEX.

Once the background check and references come back you can share the student’s application with the host family, and encourage them to get in contact with the student.

  1. Complete the school guarantee (2 copies needed).

 a)   The Rotary Youth Exchange Application Section F is the guarantee form.  This is an update-able PDF.  Download a blank copy of the current version of the application from the ESSEX website (www.exchangestudent.org) and type in as much information on Section F as you can.  Print that page before acquiring signatures (in blue ink) from the Club YEO (you) and your club President. 

b)      Take this form to the school and get the signature of the school official   Have them affix the official seal of the school

c)     e-mail the text of the School Admission Letter to the school secretary, get 2 copies on school stationery with the official seal from the school.

d) Have the school complete the School Checklist

e) Complete the Resource List for your community.

3.    Mail completed school information and resource list to District Compliance Officer or District Chair. Contact your student.


The District Compliance Officer or District Chair will complete a welcome packet including all host family and school forms and forward it to the student.